Seminar & Workshop Topics

  • Reasoning with Unreasonable People
  • Brief, Solution-Oriented Psychotherapy
  • Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (Includes overview of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, D.B.T.)
  • Diagnosis and Strategic Treatment of Personality Disorders
  • Diagnosis and Strategic Treatment of Chemically Dependent and Dual Diagnosis Patients
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Major Mood Disorders (e.g., Depressive and Bi-polar Disorders)
  • Dysfunctional¬†Families: Conceptualization and Strategic Treatment Approaches
  • Effective Therapeutic Interventions with the Highly Resistant Patient
  • Effective Psychotherapy for Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual Patients
  • Emotional Intelligence: Impact on Relationships, Health and Career Success
  • Enhancing Personal and Professional Relationships: Communication is the Key
  • The Power of Belief: Thoughts That Can Harm; Thoughts That Can Heal
  • Stress Management for Medical, Allied Medical and Mental Health Professionals
  • Time Management for the Busy Professional
  • Toxic People: Effective Strategies for High-Conflict Personalities
  • Understanding and Managing Anger
  • Self-Mutilation Behavior in Youth and Adults: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

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Keep Talking: Reasoning with Unreasonable People 1/24/2017

Joseph Shannon, PhD, a personality disorder expert, follows up his 2012 Keep Talking interview and describes when unreasonable behavior is a symptom of an underlying personality disorder, and how, through the power of empathic listening and the knowledge of universal human concerns, it can be possible to disarm the unreasonable person and avoid conflict.

Keep Talking: Dr. Joseph W. Shannon Discusses Personality Disorders, 9/27/2012, BCTV

Research suggests that up to one in five people suffers from a personality disorder. In this 30 minute taped interview, nationally recognized expert Joseph W. Shannon, Ph.D., outlines the many different types of personality disorders (borderline, dependent, narcissistic, etc) along with their causes and treatments. Dr. Shannon also addresses questions such as: “What is personality?” “What are personality disorders?” “What causes people with personality disorders to seek treatment?” and “What can I do if someone I know or care about has a personality disorder?”

Noxious People: Living and Working With High-Conflict Individuals

Topics include: 1) how trauma and stress can impair social reasoning, 2) diagnostic features of high-conflict individuals with selected disorders of personality, mood, anxiety and anger, 3) skills to interact more effectively with high-conflict people and 4) interventions to protect and enhance the health of health professionals when working with high-conflict individuals.

Reasoning With Unreasonable People: Focus on Disorders of Emotional Regulation

When living or working with people with impairment in emotional regulation, guidelines are presented on how to reason with people that have disorders of mood, anxiety, OCD, anger, or personality. Additional information is provided to enable health professionals to communicate effectively with a person who is experiencing pain, illness, or vulnerability. These strategies can also be applied when the behavioral health professional is experiencing emotional distress.


I am a seasoned psychologist, clinician, researcher and teacher. My areas of expertise include personality disorders, dual diagnosis syndromes, anxiety-based disorders, depressive disorders and bipolar spectrum disorders.


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